Cultural Revolutions

An Absurd Episode

Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn't the only politician at the annual Gay and Lesbian Pride March in Manhattan last June, but she got the most notice. The police had trouble controlling the crowd as she walked behind the Radical Faeries, which featured a man on roller skates who was wearing a silver cape, a tiara, a jockstrap, and nothing else. Mrs. Clinton thought that the absence of Rick Lazio, her Republican rival for the New York Senate scat that's up for grabs, was just a shame. How could he claim to represent all New Yorkers if he failed to show up for the Gay and Lesbian Pride March?

Well, exactly. Now that Vermont has legalized "gay marriage" and New York has strengthened its "hate crime" laws, the homosexual movement seems to be on a roll, gathering support from just about every direction. But neither Hillary Rodham Clinton nor her liveaway husband down in Washington would allow their place at the leadership of that movement to be questioned. "Bill," as he is called, tried to create a homosexual fief in the U.S. military in 1993 and got his fingers burned. His compromise "don't ask, don't tell" position was a disappointment to the movement, but not his appointment of hundreds of homosexuals to federal positions.

But more recently, not to be outdone by his wife or her like-minded friends in his Cabinet, Bill showed how tar he was willing to go in a moment of highly...

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