Vital Signs

No Peace for Iraq

From Operation Desert Storm, unleashed against Iraq by President George Bush, up to the present moment, the attack on Iraq has been relentless. As I write, a report of a U.S. sortie over Iraqi skies and a clash with Iraqi anti-aircraft guns is hitting the wires—yet another skirmish in the continuous low-level warfare that has plagued this unfortunate people for nearly a decade. The other day, our military bombed the Al-Zanaziq elementary school, in Mosul, in the northern region of the country. Three children—Heba Khalid Mahmoud, 3, Mena Omar Zuhair, 4, aird Ahmed Mahmoud Jameel, 4—were among eight Iraqis injured. According to the Associated Press, "a U.S. military spokesman at Incirlik base in southern Turkey refused to discuss what was hit or where."

The wanton criminality of our riders is such that they do not even bother to deny their crimes. With implacable indifference to human life, they have wreaked their vengeance on the Iraqi people—with special attention paid to the children. These little ones have borne the brunt of the draconian sanctions imposed on Iraq; the San Jose Mercury News recently reported that the embargo on basic food items and medical supplies kills 4,000 children every week. If the Serbs were doing this to the Bosnians or the Kosovo Albanians, we would have Christiane Amanpour on the spot, weeping and wailing and lecturing us with all her might.


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