No More Perpetual War

With Republicans increasing social spending and Democrats upping military outlays, Washington is devoid of serious debate over any important issue. Despite the President's attacks on GOP "isolationism," both parties largely favor foreign intervention. As a result, America finds itself entangled in almost every international conthet and potential conthet: Bosnia, the Caucasus, China, Colombia, East Timor, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kashmir, North Africa, North Korea, Russia, Taiwan, and Turkey.

And then there is Kosovo. The coalition that claimed to be conducting a war against ethnic cleansing included NATO member Turkey, which has leveled an estimated 3,000 Kurdish villages and displaced as many as two million Kurds in a guerrilla war that has killed 37,000. NATO's "humanitarian" warriors also stood by in 1995 when the Croatian military, trained by U.S. advisors, kicked hundreds of thousands of Serbs out of ancestral lands in the Krajina region, shelling and strafing refugee columns. And the allies voiced not a peep at the murder of 6,300 people in Sierra Leone in January 1999 alone, more than triple the death toll of the previous year in Kosovo.

For half a century, foreign policy centered on the principle of containment. The result was the creation of an oversized military, backed by a global network of bases and military deployments, and manned through conscription. But ten years ago, the...

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