Vital Signs

Five Minutes With Governor Bush

Through the good offices of a friend who is a large contributor to Republican causes, Chronicles was able to secure a brief exclusive interview with George W. Bush—the likely next President of the United States. We caught up with Governor Bush in Des Monies a few minutes before he was to address the annual joint convention of the Midwestern Association of Funeral Directors and the Funeral Cosmetologists of America.

Chronicles: Governor Bush, you have promised tax cuts. Many people remember your father's famous promise of "no new taxes" and may be afraid that such promises can't or won't be kept. A related concern is that the middle-and working-class incomes are declining while the rich are getting richer.

George W. Bush: America is the land of opportunity for everybody. We have to cut taxes to make sure people take advantage of the great entrepreneurial opportunities—like oil, and baseball, for instance.

C: Many Americans feel deeply that abortion is a sin and a crime and that its widespread acceptance is a sign of a sick society.

B: I am deeply concerned about abortion. That is why passed a parental notification law in Texas that is a model for the nation—to make sure teenagers notify their parents when they're going to have an abortion—and vice versa.

C: Many Americans...

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