Taxi drivers in Belgrade, like their counterparts everywhere, know almost everything about almost everything. However, they do not know who murdered the controversial commander of the Serbian Volunteer Guard (SDG), Seljko Raznatovic Arkan; Yugoslav defense minister Pavle Bulatovic; and several other public persons and big gangsters this past spring, but they know exactly who did not.

They are convinced that the organizers (or organizer) were not foreigners: not the CIA, MIS, the U.S. State Department, Albanian terrorists, the Pentagon, NATO, or any Western intelligence or military service.

"Rubbish," says Milorad D—, a cab driver in his early 50's, whose face shows he did not have an easy life. He does not buy the "evidence" publicized in the Serbian media that the order to kill Arkan came from abroad. The western powers couldn't capture him when he was on his honeymoon in Brazil three years ago. They couldn't even scratch his empire. He played with them for years; he made a mockery of their efforts to arrest him. Even their bombs couldn't destroy him. How could they suddenly find a way to kill him? No, it was someone from here, someone much closer to Arkan.

Every taxi driver shares Milorad's opinion about Belgrade's most popular subject. It is very easy to conduct a thorough survey of taxi drivers, since public transportation in the Serbian capital has not functioned...

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