Vol. 2 No. 7 July 2000

While we yield to no one when it comes to disdain for Fidel Castro and contempt for Bill Clinton, we also believe in the rule of law and in the right of parents to take care of their children. From the notion that parents’ rights depend on a child’s “best interest” as determined by a government agency, it is but a short step to mandatory foster homes for the children of homeschoolers, evangelical Christians, and social and cultural traditionalists. A New York Press editorial (April 27) provided an important postscript to the Elian Gonzalez affair:

what’s more notable at this point is the orgy of shamelessness and dishonesty that the administration’s actions . . . have generated among politicians. Rudolph Giuliani . . . opined that the government should have stayed its hand and exhausted all legal options before launching a raid. Here . . . is a mayor whose police force has been authorized to search and harass citizens at will—a mayor who’s reflexively hostile to civil liberties and almost neurotically enamored of state power-criticizing Federal agents.

The so-called left has been just as mendacious. Jesse Jackson and other “civil rights” activists who scream bloody murder every time a New York police officer so much as looks cross-eyed at a thug of color have suddenly become supporters of law enforcement and militant defenders...

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