A Revolution to Save the World

"Beyond Left and Right" was the tide of the conference which brought together Pat Buchanan and Alexander Cockburn, Justin Raimondo and Lenora Fulani (to say nothing of two Chronicles editors) in the same room (if not all at the same time) for a broad critique of the aggressive New World Order launched by the Bush and Clinton administrations. It was a cordial exchange, in which left and right did not pass each other like ships in the night but crossed at a 90-degree angle after exchanging salutes. However, before quartering the hammer-and-sickle with the fleur-de-lis, opponents of U.S./NATO imperialism might ask what the two sides have in common.

To answer that question, most of the radicals and reactionaries in San Mateo, California, would agree in opposing the U.S. policy of imperialism and in condemning last year's aggression against Yugoslavia. Beyond that point, agreement becomes more difficult, partly because so many different political perspectives are represented, partly because some of us—even most of us—are unclear about what we do believe or about how the United States turned into what it is today. If there is to be not a coalition but some sort of joint operation, both parties had better be clear about the limits of what they agree upon.

The only ideological coalition worth talking about will be the union of reactionary Christians when they find the will...

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