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We Are Right on Foreign Affairs Because We Are Right on Everything

It is almost embarrassing to say that we are right on foreign affairs because we are right on everything else. It nevertheless has to be said, because it is true. We are right on foreign affairs because the behavior of our rulers abroad is a logical and inevitable extension of their behavior at home. Having correctly diagnosed them as a cabal of Gnostic ideologues hell-bent on destroying all real communities in America, on eradicating the remnants of its faith, tradition, and culture in the name of abstract concepts invoked to justify totalitarian control, of course we know what they are up to beyond these shores. They want total control and unlimited power, at home and therefore abroad.

In the seamless straitjacket that is being tailored for us inside the Beltway, there is no real distinction between "foreign" and "domestic" policy. All remnants of self-government at home, and national sovereignty abroad, are to be subjugated to the Supreme Good of "democracy," "universal human rights," and "free trade." The new tyranny relies on quasi-moral language: After the decline of higher cynicism in the name of Progress, we now witness its ascent in the name of Human Rights. Those who deny any substance to this nation—outside the realm of abstract "isms," that is—will naturally seek to undermine and destroy all other real nations, which are but "artificial and temporary...

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