In the Time of the Breaking of Nations

"We will bury you," warned Nikita Khrushchev in the 1950's, but in the end, it is America's NATO imperium that is burying Serbs under the rubble of Novi Sad and Belgrade and Americans under the red tape of the New World Order.

The march of globalization has proceeded without effective resistance but not without criticism, and dissidents on both left and right have been calling for a new nationalism. This appeal has resonated with sensible people who are disgusted with the loss of economic sovereignty which has been betrayed by NAFTA and GATT, who are alarmed by the unchecked flow of legal and illegal immigrants, and who are disgusted with the internal subversion of our culture by multiculturalism in the schools and by a caste system of ethnic privileges that demoralizes European-Americans without actually helping non-European minorities.

But opposition to internationalism is not quite the same thing as nationalism, and the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend. To oppose internationalism with nationalism per se is to make a false dichotomy. It is perfectly possible to uphold the dignity of the nation in matters of trade and immigration, while at the same time belonging to an international religion like Christianity.

Christians who oppose the New World Order may also believe that the national government has far too much power over the states and cities where real life is lived—outside...

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