Cultural Revolutions

Cultural Genocide

Cultural genocide is a legal term sometimes used to describe the planned destruction of an ethnic or religious identity. The English, in solidifying control over their islands, did their best to obliterate the historical memory of Scottish Highlanders and Irish Catholics, and the national socialists of Bill Clinton's party are doing the same thing here in the United States, not only to Southerners, whose symbols, songs, and heroes are banned in public places, but also to the whole European cultural identity whose literature and traditions are being eliminated under the guise of multiculturalism.

Most classic writers, like Shakespeare and Milton, are not banned but simply ignored. However, certain books—Huckleberry Finn, for example—are under direct attack. Recently, PBS aired a program, produced by WGBH (Boston), to justify the elimination of Mark Twain's masterpiece from America's memory simply because liberals do not like to be reminded that many African-Americans were (and are) fond of calling each other "nigger." Twain was in many ways a detestable character—a perennial village atheist, provincial boor, and (as a Confederate deserter) traitor to his people—but his Jim is the first—and best—sympathetic portrayal of an American Negro. Huckleberry Finn may turn out to be the American classic, if only because of its themes: the tragedy of racial misunderstanding,...

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