Gay Pride Week in the Eternal City

Letter From Rome

The European Union has reiterated its appeal to all member states to press ahead with the legalization of homosexual unions, but resistance to the homosexual agenda is growing—especially in Italy.

The recently deposed government of Massinio D'Alema had proposed to prohibit discrimination based on "sexual orientation." Persons or groups violating this law would have faced up to four years in prison. It is not difficult to identify the targets of this legislation; conservative groups ranging from Associazione Famiglia Domani to Tradition, Family, Property, and all those who promote a sound natural and Christian order. The foremost target is the Catholic Church, which since her inception has promoted good and discriminated against evil.

A worldwide Gay Pride Week gathering is scheduled to take place in Rome in July as a counter to the Church's Jubilee Year. Rome Mayor Francesco Rutelli earmarked a substantial amount of taxpayers' money for this event. But the recent regional election, in which the center-right Freedom Front "Polo" defeated the D'Alema-led center-left coalition, has changed things. The newly elected president (governor) of Lazio, Rome's region, called for the march to be postponed until next year out of respect for the sacredness of the Holy Year. The intentions of the gay-pride organizers were expressed on May Day, when tens of thousands of people rallied under...

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