Vol. 2 No. 8

Most American conservatives are aware of the close connection between Al Gore's family and the late, unlamented Armand Hammer, one of the most appalling figures in the 20th-century American rogues' gallery. But in order to read about that connection in a major daily newspaper, they have to look abroad—to England, where the Independent has published a major expose of the Gore-Hammer connection (May 21). The article first recounted how Al Gore's claim to be an expert on Russia:

blew up in his face last year when critics asked why, if he knew so much about Russia, he only learnt from the newspapers about the scandal over the laundering of $10 [billion] in Russian money through the Bank of New York.

But this criticism missed the real target; there is a Russian connection that may prove Gore's undoing. According to the Independent, it concerns:

the extraordinary relationship between his father. Senator Al Gore Sr, and Armand Hammer, the American multi-millionaire, who, after meeting Lenin, became the Soviet Union's first foreign investor in 1921. Hammer also served, according to secret Soviet documents since released, as the conduit for laundering money to Soviet intelligence operations and Communist parties abroad.

According to the Independent, Gore had access to...

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