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Return of the Alien

His father used to say that the country was good; it was only the people that made it intolerable. Now his father's son was headed up to that north country, where he had not lived for 40 years.

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    The Other Lindbergh

    Charles Augustus Lindbergh was the son of Swedish homesteaders who hacked a farm out of the Minnesota wilderness. Both the perils and the virtues of that life are dramatized in the story of a run-in that C.A.'s mother, Louisa, had with some...

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    The Seven-League Crutches

    Sideswiped by a car, Randall Jarrell died 34 years ago at the age of 51. That he has remained a presence as a writer and even as a man is vividly testified to by these books, which bring back a lot of memories, and different kinds of memories.

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