Cultural Revolutions

Peace and Security in Europe?

NATO has emerged victorious from the war in Yugoslavia, and the real power within NATO, the United States and its Armed Forces, has given the world a salutary demonstration of its ability to enforce peace and security in Europe. This, say Mr. Clinton's pundits, was America's finest hour since the end of World War II.

Perhaps they are right. However, there is disturbing evidence that the pundits are wrong, as they usually are, on both points: U.S./NATO has not brought peace to Kosovo, and the principal effect of the NATO bombing campaign against civilian targets in the heart of Europe has been to convince the Europeans that the United States is the latest in a series of imperialist powers who have attempted to dominate the continent: Jacobin and Napoleonic France, Hitler's Germany, Stalin and Brezhnev's Soviet Union.

News of the escalating violence in Kosovo has seeped even into the state controlled media of the United States, although every few dozen Serbs murdered are usually described as "revenge killings"—as if Serb attacks on Albanians had nothing to do with over a hundred years of Albanian violence and ethnic cleansing. Nearly all of the 350,000 non-Albanians of Kosovo—including Jews, Gypsies, and Muslims—have fled, and "ironically" many of these non-Albanian Muslims have moved into the Serb capital, Belgrade, where they are living unmolested. KFOR Gen. Sir Mike...

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