The Strange Death of Her Majesty's Opposition

The Conservative Party still has not recovered from the disastrous general election of May 1997, when many Britons switched their allegiances to Labour and an even larger number of Conservatives stayed at home, unwilling to vote for either the Tweedledum that was John Major or the Tweedledee of Tony Blair. Two years after the debacle, Her Majesty still has no effective opposition to Labour's progressive disuniting of the United Kingdom.

Labour has been extremely busy, to Britain's disadvantage, despite the complacent predictions of certain Conservatives that Blair was really "one of us" because he is no longer a socialist. Blair and his wreckers have begun the process of Welsh and Scottish devolution by setting up Welsh and Scottish devolved assemblies. This may even lead to full independence for Scotland (although it would be an "independence" under the close supervision of Brussels).

They have campaigned to ban fox hunting, although a Private Member's Bill designed for this purpose was quietly dropped after the massive Countryside Marches in London demonstrated the strength of rural feeling in favor of hunting.

They have tried once, and will keep trying, to legalize homosexual sex at 16; this legislation may even be in place by the time this is printed.

They have indicated that they would like to join the European single currency as soon as the opinion polls tell them...

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