Chronicles Magazine History

Tom and Sally and Joe and Fawn

The timing of Nature magazine's "expose" of Thomas Jefferson's alleged affair with his slave Sally Hemings received a great deal of press attention, coming as it did just before elections which were expected to determine a modern philandering...

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    Hollywood Does History

    At 0825 on 20 November 1943, the first of six waves of Marines left the line of departure and headed for the beach on Betio Island, the principal objective for the United States in the Tarawa Atoll.

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  • Polemics & Exchanges

    On Saving Private Ryan

    Wayne Allensworth, in his poignant and beautifully written review of Saving Private Ryan, focuses on what is right with the film. However, I find much that is wrong, and, for me, the wrong outweighs the right.

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