Cultural Revolutions

An Extraordinary Suggestion

The impeachment proceedings were the subject of an extraordinary suggestion made by Pat Caddell, a former pollster for the Democratic Party, at the "Dark Ages" retreat for members of the "conservative movement" over New Years' weekend. Caddell told the gathering that the problem with the Republican Party was that they couldn't seem to pick the right issues. Republicans were foolishly hammering the President over his sexual escapades instead of lambasting the Clinton administration for the "far more serious offenses of accepting foreign campaign money and transferring sensitive missile technology to China." According to the New York Times, Caddell received "a smashing round of self-flagellating applause and . . . a standing ovation."

As one of the 19 invited scholars who journeyed to Washington to tell the House Judiciary Subcommittee what impeachable offenses were, I thought impeaching the President and seeking to remove him from office for perjury in a civil case, perjury before a grand jury, felonious tampering with witnesses, and generally corrosive obstruction of justice made some sense. I wonder if the "Dark Ages" conservatives remember what they are supposed to be conserving. I think the Republican Party, or at least the House members who voted to impeach the President, were doing precisely the right thing. Mr. Caddell thinks like a pollster, and of course the polls tell...

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