Chronicles Magazine March 1999

Tom and Sally and Joe and Fawn

The timing of Nature magazine's "expose" of Thomas Jefferson's alleged affair with his slave Sally Hemings received a great deal of press attention, coming as it did just before elections which were expected to determine a modern philandering...

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  • Dictations

    Words of Mass Destruction

    How many changes have been rung on this one phrase: Weapons Of Mass Destruction. We are told we must eliminate the threat of, degrade his capacity to employ, send a clear signal that we will not tolerate the existence of Saddam Hussein's Weapons...

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  • Sign of the Times

    Vol. 1 No. 3 March 1999

    On day two of "Desert Fox" last December, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright declared that she was "gratified" by the "solid" support that the U.S. action against Iraq had received from statesmen around the globe, including those in the Arab...

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    Filling a God-size Hole

    During a BBC interview in 1984, Martin Amis (son of Kingsley) casually mentioned that he wished he could believe in God. "Do you really mean that?" his chat host asked, tossing his well-coifed locks in a show of secular amazement.

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