The Vanishing Anglo-Saxon Minority

"The Anglo-Saxon carries self-government
and self-development with him wherever he goes."

—Henry Ward Beecher

For almost exactly 30 years, Kevin P. Phillips has been cranking out some of the most interesting and provocative works of political analysis written since World War II. In 1969, The Emerging Republican Majority argued that American politics runs through periodic cycles of about 30 years and that a new cycle, based demographically on the "Sunbelt" (a term he is usually credited with having coined) and expressed through the Republican Party of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, was about to unfold. The prediction was somewhat derailed by the intrusion of more-or-less accidental events like Watergate and by the not-so-accidental incompetency of Republicans, who have managed to misunderstand the nature of their own constituency and have forgotten how to mobilize it. Nevertheless, the patterns Mr. Phillips perceived were essentially correct and, indeed, have been accepted as conventional political wisdom.

His other books followed similar paths, all of them having to do with contemporary political and social affairs. No one, as far as I know, ever suspected that Mr. Phillips had any other calling but that of Samuel Francis is a nationally syndicated columnist and editor of the a political bloodhound. Now, it turns out,...

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