Turn to the Dark Side

As members of the House of Representatives were moving toward impeachment hearings that should make Bill Clinton—whatever the outcome—one of the most infamous politicians in American history, Republicans in both houses of Congress decided to give the President everything he was asking for—more federally funded teachers to corrupt the children and $18 billion of boodle for the IMF, justified by a blustering Dick Armey as a victory: From now on, the better-funded IMF will have to do its dirty deeds in public! The Republicans also gave presidential hit-man Richard Holbrooke a free hand both to expel the beleaguered remnant of Christians in Kosovo and to saddle the rest of the Serbs with a dictator they do not want.

Worst of all, perhaps, is the Department of Health and Human Services plan—supported, apparently, by Henry Hyde—to set up a national computerized network to track down parents who do not make court-ordered child support payments. Like so many other national-socialist schemes, the crusade against dead-beat dads is a gift of the "family values" conservatives who can justify any government outrage so long as it is "for the children."

Republicans thought that by playing the impeachment card they would ensure the return of even more Republicans to Congress—an exercise in strategic brilliance that cost Newt Gingrich the speakership. But since the conservative freshmen...

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