Cultural Revolutions

Our Cultural Disorder

Our cultural disorders weren't caused by the Supreme Court's prayer decisions—I'll admit it. The implication that school prayer, by fortifying Young America, might have forestalled the rampage at Columbine High School, and those rampages preceding it—well, I wouldn't push the matter too far, that's all.

Still, it's nice to see the American Civil Liberties Union, prissy proponent of forcible church-state "separation," rebuked by Joe and Mary Doaks. It happened this spring at a rural high school in Maryland. Following a kind of popular uprising in support of prayer, the ACLU became righteously indignant and spluttery. Just my kind of uprising!

Ordered to keep prayer out of this year's commencement exercise lest the delicate sensibilities of a lone senior be affronted, sniff, sniff, the school lamely agreed. The ACLU was helping the student: a towering presence for one local school board to take on.

Then, during a moment of silence in the ceremony, someone in the audience began intoning the Lord's Prayer. Hundreds joined in. Officials on the stage joined in. It was like the long-suffering French patriots in Casablanca joining Paul Henried in drowning out Die Wacht am Rhein with the Marseillaise.

"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done"—whether the ACLU likes it or not. So arrest us! the audience, in effect, was...

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