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Just You Wite, Maddy Hallbright, Just You Wite!

For Washington architects attempting the construction of a brave new unipolar world, the end of Henry Luce's American Century is not even faintly clouded by the suspicion that America (meaning what was reorganized in 1789 as the United States) has virtually ceased to exist, after a mere 200 years. And if America isn't America anymore, how can the 21st century possibly be American—even in the attenuated, globalized sense the Henry Ford of the magazine biz had in mind?

Ironically, the party fond of arguing that the United States is and always has been a proposition nation is now half right at least, thanks to the self-fulfilling power of persuasive prophecy. In place of what began as essentially an Anglo-British civilization giving way after two-and-a-half centuries, we now have—owing to our immigration policy of the last half century—what amounts to no civilization at all but simply a vast political (and politicized) entity, an aggregation of deracinated peoples from all over the world closely regulated by a jealous, suspicious, and restrictive federal government driven by Progressivism, Inc., America's very own answer to Godless International Communism. No culture either, Hollywood movies, Manhattan books, Reebok, and McDonald's being products not of America's indigenous self but rather of corporate boards, mass markets, advertising, and Wall Street investment firms. To have a government, any...

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