The Takeover of Our Schools

It has become obvious that the majority of elected officials and candidates for public office are not qualified for their positions, and often stand in the way of attempts to institute the programs and diversity that are the hallmarks of modem society. Nonetheless, American voters, either because they are ignorant of what must be accomplished or because they are rebelling against social progress, continue to elect such unqualified persons at every level of government.

The judicial branch of the United States Government has therefore determined that, effective immediately, all governing bodies at the local, state, and federal levels will be appointed by federal judges. Court-appointed special masters will oversee all appointed governing bodies. Newspapers, TV and radio stations, and other media are ordered not to publish dissenting opinions on the new government. They will be monitored to ensure that any dissent is shown to stem from either racism or ignorance. All media are ordered to divert citizen attention and energies to matters which will not jeopardize the new government and to emphasize the establishment of successful programs which would have not been possible under representative government.

Particular and immediate attention will be given to public education. Elected school boards will be eliminated and programs will be established to train future generations in the judicial form of government. Students will be assigned...

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