Cultural Revolutions

Closer to Becoming Reality

The ICC, the International Criminal Court—the proposed judicial arm of the New World Order—is one step closer to becoming a reality. For five weeks this summer, the United Nations engaged in a protracted, angry, and dangerous debate on the establishment of the ICC. In the mainstream Western media, the ICC was portrayed as a permanent war crimes tribunal, a perpetual Nuremberg court. But in the plenary assemblies and conference rooms, a debate raged over the anti-family "social engineering" agenda which a few developed countries (notably Canada) were trying to foist on the rest of the world.

The discussion in Rome focused not on war criminals like Cambodia's Pol Pot but on the inclusion of "enforced pregnancy" as a war crime and on the ICC's commitment to a "gender perspective" in its deliberations. Both are code phrases, like those promoted by the influential Women's Caucus at earlier U.N. conferences in Beijing, Istanbul, and Cairo. The first means "denying pregnant woman an abortion," and the second means prosecuting "gender crimes" like discrimination against homosexuals. In addition, the U.N. globalists wanted complete prosecutorial independence for the ICC, something relatively useless in an active war zone, but just the thing for muscling small, traditional countries that still have legal restraints on "reproductive freedom" (more U.N.-speak...

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