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The Truth About Republicans and Hispanics

Saying "I told you so" is never very polite, but sometimes, especially when trying to explain things to the Republican Party, it's advisable to say it. For the last year or so, the Republicans and their pet eggheads have been telling each other that they had just better shut up about immigration, immigration reform, and immigration restriction because any further talk about these subjects will only alienate the Hispanic vote, and the party can't afford to do that. Those who have crafted this argument seem to have a good many compelling reasons to offer in support of it, but when their reasons are examined closely, most of them fall apart. The truth is that those pushing the case against Republican support for immigration reform have never been in favor of controlling immigration anyway, and many of the reasons they offer in the guise of hard-headed political realism are the results of their own delusions about the nature of mass immigration into the United States. Insofar as the Republicans today face a serious political crisis because of their loss of the Hispanic vote, if s because they have studiously ignored the immigration issue for the last 20 years or so or have actually been on the wrong side of it. Supporters of immigration restriction such as myself and Peter Brimelow have been warning the party for years of the very crisis its leaders are now moaning about; the crisis exists because they didn't listen to those...

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