Cultural Revolutions

Triumphant Return

Bill Clinton's triumphant return from Africa is a bad omen for the next two years. Temporarily liberated from the shackles of Paula Jones's allegations, the President will now be free to rim the country exactly as the First Lady sees fit. During the President's tour of Africa, we got a glimpse of what lies in store for us: a symbolic visit to a slave-trading emporium, symbolic embraces and handholding with retired terrorists like Nelson Mandela, a not-so-symbolic promise of hundreds of millions of American taxpayers' dollars to improve education in Africa.

Most Americans figured out that the President's denunciations of slavery had nothing to do with history or morality and everything to do with domestic polities. After betraying his blue-collar supporters on the trade issue, after Paula, Monica, and Kathleen unmasked his real interest in "women's issues," virtually the only secure block Clinton can count on are black voters. Since he cannot do anything tangible for them — more affirmative action, more welfare, more set-asides are temporarily out of the question —he expects to buy them off with tears and lamentations that will cost us no votes and him no taxes.

While some Americans professed to be shocked by Clinton's public display of affection for Mr. Mandela, it was black South Africans who should have been shocked. Communist terrorist that he was (or is), Mandela has...

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