Chronicles Magazine June 1998


    Cultured Pearl

    Late in October 1899, in the town of Deming, New Mexico Territory, the commander of Scarborough's Rangers recognized a face familiar to him from the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine, one of many publications then devoting considerable media...

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    Rasputins at Home and Abroad

    Before his trip to Rome in February, Boris Yeltsin promised everyone who would listen that he would personally invite the Pope to visit Russia. Yeltsin frequently rattled on in front of reporters, like a football player still sprinting after he...

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    The Titanic 90's

    The umpteenth movie about the sinking of the great ship finally meets modern standards. James Cameron's Academy Award-winning Titanic may be the "movie of the year," but it is just as dishonest, immoral, cowardly, vulgar, and historically...

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  • Cultural Revolutions

    Triumphant Return

    Bill Clinton's triumphant return from Africa is a bad omen for the next two years. Temporarily liberated from the shackles of Paula Jones's allegations, the President will now be free to rim the country exactly as the First Lady sees fit.

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