Picking Up the Conservative Pieces

Conservatives, with and without an upper case "c," have still not recovered from last year's electoral disaster. Even the drama of the Conservative Party leadership election, and the surprisingly comfortable Conservative victory at the subsequent Uxbridge by-election, have not removed a general feeling on the right of shock and bemusement. Even now we cannot believe that the tedious Mr. Blair is actually Prime Minister (of Great Britain!), and that the Cabinet is composed largely of hard-faced women or politically correct dullards, few of whom seem to have said or done anything interesting in their hard, working-class existence as barristers, social workers, teachers, local government officials, and professional feminists.

Although the feeble John Major had done his best to emasculate the philosophy which his party ostensibly represented (how was he ever Prime Minister, while we are on the subject?), there was an indefinable feeling which made many of us campaign for his government nonetheless, despite all the broken promises and wasted opportunities, or at least which made us feel guilty about supporting the two anti-European Union parties which took one million votes from the Tories and helped lose them several seats. Unfortunately, all the effort was of no use, faced with the public's restlessness, Labour's professionalism, the aura of "sleaziness" hanging over the party, and Mr. Major's...

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