On NATO Expansion

Letter From Poland

The expansion of NATO has been hotly debated by American conservatives. As a conservative Catholic Pole living in Poland, I am obviously interested in this debate, not least because Poland and America are part of the same civilization. Any matter of importance to either nation has to be seen within a wider context of the cultural and civilizational challenges faced by the West.

Clearly, One-Worldism—the unholy quest for power around the globe by the anti-Christian managerial elite—has to be stopped. American conservatives, most notably in Chronicles, have shown that this dangerous ideology aims at replacing Christianity with the totalitarian Utopia of liberal democracy. Some of them—such as Samuel Francis—even sketch a long-term strategy for recapturing America from the managerial establishment. But the basis for their opposition to NATO enlargement is more problematic.

Six years ago, watching Pat Buchanan's campaign for the Republican nomination, I thought his "isolationism" was a proper cure for American imperialism. Moreover, I considered America's withdrawal from Europe to be healthy for a continent corrupted to the core. Regardless of whatever dangers this would pose to Poland and to my family, I saw the American withdrawal as necessary for re-Christianizing the West. (Of course, "isolationism" was to be accompanied by the abolition of the welfare-warfare...

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