One Nation Divisible

Something extraordinary has happened over the last decade or so—something neither the Republican nor Democratic leadership seems to understand. A large and growing number of Americans are now openly saying that much of what the central government does is not simply wasteful, corrupt, and destructive but illegitimate as well. This year the central government will spend about $1.7 trillion, more than it spent (even adjusting for inflation) from the Revolutionary period through 1940. And next year it will no doubt spend more than that. But Americans are concerned not just that the spending of nearly two trillion dollars in one year by 435 "representatives" and 100 senators for an empire of 265 million subjects would lead to plunder and corruption; they are also concerned about how the money is spent.

The unprecedented power concentrated in Washington supports a universalist egalitarian ideology that is openly hostile to the inherited moral, religious, and cultural traditions of American society. Largely through the enormous patronage concentrated at the center, this ideology has come to dominate state governments, universities, and the media, and has had a corrupting influence on the mainline churches. Today Americans stand by impotently, but with smoldering resentment, as they watch their tax money being used to suppress or extinguish their own cultural inheritance. What is to be done?

A furor was raised over...

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