Vital Signs

The Forced Funding of Student Radicalism

I happen to be a conservative, a Christian, and white. I am also in the military, and I disapprove of homosexuality. At the University of Wisconsin, there is little tolerance for this combination of characteristics. As a student there, I served as the symbol of all that's wrong with the world. My checkbook showed just the opposite, however; I supported the International Socialist Organization, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Campus Center, the abortion advocacy of the Women's Center, and the radical environmentalism of the UW-Greens (offspring of Ralph Nader's Green Party). With my money, the left endured with a virulence well known at most public universities.

To any outsider—especially anyone who knows my political and ideological beliefs—my support appears ridiculous. It was. However, it was not due to some gut-level feeling of "political correctness" or "multiculturalism" on my part. This support was coerced. The price for noncompliance? No grades; no graduation.

During my four years of undergraduate study and one semester of law school at the university, I had again and again expressed my outrage at the university policy of utilizing mandatory student fees to fund the political and ideological advocacy of private student groups. Finally, another law student, and one of my best friends, Keith Bannach, told me about a Christian legal foundation named the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF)....

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