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Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming is the former editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. He is the author of The Politics of Human Nature, Montenegro: The Divided Land, and The Morality of Everyday Life, named Editors' Choice in philosophy by Booklist in 2005. He is the coauthor of The Conservative Movement and the editor of Immigration and the American Identity. He holds a Ph.D. in classics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Before joining the Rockford Institute, he taught classics at the University of Miami of Ohio, served as an advisor to the U.S. Department of Education, and was headmaster at the Archibald Rutledge Academy. He has been published in, among others, The Spectator (London), Independent on Sunday (London), Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Sun-Times, National Review, Classical Journal, Telos, and Modern Age. He and his wife, Gail, have four children and four grandchildren.

  On the Wings of a Snow White Dove
  No News Is Good News
  The Ugly Beautiful Losers
  A Visit to Ali Pasha, Part 2
  A Visit to Ali Pasha
  Living With the Past
  America’s Best Friend, R.I.P.
  Nuclear Baksheesh
  Mapping Verona
  The Shape of Sicilian Water
  Tom Fleming’s Complainte
  Family Tradition
  Why They Fought
  A Plague on Both Their Houses
  A Different Drum
  Aliens and Strangers
  Dante’s Path to Heaven
  Political Poltergeists
  Rebuilding the Family Castle
  Thinking Outside the Boxes
  And All Shall Equal Be
  The Wasted Century
  Virtual Neighborhoods
  America’s Grand Strategy
  Eugenio Corti, R.I.P.
  National Debtors
  Eugenio Corti, R.I.P.
  In Search of the Bourgeoisie
  The Mandela Mandala
  Answering Islam
  The Making of Books
  Terminators, Inc.
  Goodbye to All What?
  The Best Schooling Money Can Buy
  Looking Backwards
  Classical Christian Marriage
  Fiat Values
  Facts and Opinions
  Thoroughly Modern Millies
  Dead Souls
  Freedom From Religion
  Voting for Monarchy
  "We Want the World, and We Want It Now!"
  Men Men Men Men Manly Men Men Men
  Escapist Fantasies
  Never Never Shall Be Slaves
  Do Androids Tweet...?
  Texas's Pound of Pluck
  Dead Stars,Black Holes
  Revolting Parasites
  Lessons of the War
  In the Gutter With the GOP
  Rome and Jerusalem
  The Tyranny of Democracy
  The Hollywood Horror
  Deforming Education
  Home Rule
  Home for Political Animals
  Our Sacred Anticanon
  The Unentitled
  The Algebra of Equality
  To Save One Child
  Back to the Garden
  The Five Good Reasons
  Five Really Good Reasons
  Freedom From Religion
  Children of the Revolution
  Break out the Booze?
  Looking Backwards
  Lighting a Candle
  Cursing the Darkness
  Save the Children
  Dark Age to Dark Age
  Cheating "Honest" Men
  Divide and Conquer
  Print the Legend
  When the Going Gets Tough. . .
  Fish or Cut Bait
  Going Through the Motions
  Something to Remember
  Remembering Who We Were
  Substandard: The End of an Illusion
  Stepping Backward
  Wallow in the Mire
  Johnny Rocco’s World
  The Good Life
  To the Future, and Beyond!
  Immigration, Neighbors, and Enemies
  Free Men of a Republic
  No Problem
  Dead Romans and Live Americans
  Self-Evident Lies
  Il Whig in Italia
  Rendering Unto Lincoln
  Uncle Sam's Harem
  Christmas Nightmares
  Whither the Republic?
  The Burden of History
  The Audacity of Hate
  Chinese Monkeys on Our Backs
  Lost in the 50’s
  Sex and Marriage in San Francisco
  Bush’s Whips, McCain’s Scorpions
  Texas: Exes and Sexes
  The Pursuit of Happiness
  Beastie Boys
  Little Aristocracies of Our Own
  Our Open (Borders) Secret
  The Suicide of the West
  The Politics of Human Interests
  Freedom of Conscience
  Wiccan Warming
  “Make Me Do Right or Make Me Do Wrong, I’m Your Puppet”
  Counting People and People Who Count
  Connoisseur of Chaos
  Ted’s Timor Mortis
  Establishing Christian America
  Sense and Sensibility
  Our Fathers’ Fields
  Dead Monkeys and the Living God
  If Pigs Could Fly
  Pigs Is Pigs
  Two Oinks for Democracy
  Jihad's Fifth Column
  El Gringo y El Mexicano
  The Root of All Evil
  The Gods of Athens
  Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
  In a Savage World
  Socialism Is Theft
  Violent Revolution
  Imposing Utopia
  Why the Empire Fell
  New Wine in Old Bottles
  Where the Ashley and the Cooper Rivers Meet . . .
  The Royal Prerogative
  Lost in Translation
  Europe’s Belgian Future
  Fortifying the Backyard
  Flickers of Resistance
  Riots in France
  The Beauty of Holiness, the Holiness of Beauty
  The Cataclysm That Happened
  Agrarianism From Hesiod to Bradford
  Lessons From Experience
  Christians Against Terrorism
  It Takes an Autodidact
  James B. Stockdale, R.I.P.
  The Republic We Betrayed
  Heroes in the Age of the Antihero
  The Balkans in Brief
  The Suicide Strategy of the West
  Peace in the Land of Sojourn
  Requiescat In Pace Domini
  Synthesizing Tyranny
  Anarcho-Tyranny, Rockford Style
  Rome Revisited
  Human, Not-Quite Human
  Tsunami on St. Stephen's Day
  Selling Muhammad the Rope
  The Remnant’s Library
  Love the One You’re With
  In the Wake of November
  The Plight of the Homeless
  Shop Like You Mean It
  Where’s Joe McCarthy When You Need Him?
  The Call of Blood
  Fighting Among the Hedgerows
  Toward the Heavenly City
  Doing Death
  Honest Journalist
  Cultural Suicide
  Tax Slavery
  “Walk Like a Man, Talk Like a Man”
  Charity Begins at Church
  The Conservative Search for Order
  Rockford and Gomorrah
  Moon-Man Religion
  What Was, and What Might Have Been
  The Christian Militant
  Superior Fiction
  Back to Reality
  If It Ain’t Broke . . .
  Loyal Opposition
  Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy
  It Was the Worst of Times
  Le dernier rire
  Imitation of Life
  Hello, Mr. Clint
  Santorum, the Supreme Court, and Sodomy
  Men in Black
  Remember From Whence Thou Art Fallen
  Living the Jacobin Dream
  Bubba Peugeot and the Pickerel
  Affirmative Agitprop
  Imperialism From the Cradle to the Grave
  Taking Up the Cross
  Singing the Internationale
  Inside the Court of the Gentiles
  Boethius and/or Cassiodorus
  In Praise of the Clan
  Getting Rid of Rivals
  Made in USA
  Against the Obscurantists
  To Arm or Not to Arm
  Eating With Sinners
  The Church Militant
  A Landmark Decision
  Deracinated Americans
  Yes, Virginia, There Is a Good English-Latin Dictionary
  Turn Left at the Renaissance
  A Nation of Losers
  Ernest Van Den Haag, R.I.P.
  Anti-Imperial Judo
  Back to Althusius
  The Decline and Fall of the Midwest
  Sit Down, Be Comfortable!
  Abuse Your Illusions
  A Consensus
  Sinking to an All Time Low
  The Tower of Skulls
  Redeeming the Time The Days are Evil
  It Ain't Me?
  Friday Breakfast
  "Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville"
  Flies Trapped in Honey
  The Italian Election
  Being Bill O'Reilly
  Thirty Years Ago . . .
  Two Rooms With a View
  Collision Course
  The Conservative War on Property
  War and Peace, and Politics
  The Conspiracy of Conspiracies
  Free Greeks, Servile Americans
  Bad Catholics, Good Europeans
  Rediscovering Fire
  A Great Non-Event
  Hand-Me-Down Truth
  The Autocrat of the Dinner Table
  Vote Claudius: He'll Leave Your Sons Alone
  Our Constitutional Covenant With Death
  Crowned With Thorns and Glory
  A Killing Privacy
  Burn This Book
  Hoisting the Donkey
  A Revolution to Save the World
  Why Don't We Mind Our Own Business?
  The Emperor's Tattoo
  A Lot in Common
  The Art of Creation An Interview With Dean Koontz
  Government Vs. Family Issue
  NATO's Dark Age
  Everything Is Jake
  Cultural Genocide
  In the Time of the Breaking of Nations
  Of Rights and Rabbits
  A Running Gag
  X2K: aut Christus aut nihil
  Love and Grace
  Return of the Alien
  Peace and Security in Europe?
  None More Terrible Than Man
  Grow Old Along With Me
  Remember the Maine
  Closer Cooperation
  Land Without Justice
  The Only Game in Town
  Defending the Family From Its Defenders
  The "Silent Majority"
  The Great American Purge
  An Insulting Budget
  Diary of a Peripheral Male
  A "Constitutional Crisis"
  East Is East and West Is Wuss
  The Source
  Turn to the Dark Side
  Dirtiest Campaign in Recent Memory
  One World, One Leader, One god
  The Fall and Rise of the House of Hardy
  Not a Fit Topic for Discussion
  Jefferson or Mussolini?
  Scorched Earth
  Zbigniew Herbert, R.I.P.
  Mob Rules
  French Vocabulary
  It Takes a Village
  How Thomas Rent the Seamless Garment
  Selling the Golden Cord
  Sanctions and U.S. Foreign Policy
  Put Out More Flags
  Triumphant Return
  Dial M for Murdoch
  The Heart's Geography
  Restless Natives
  Worry About Ratings
  Anthems for Doomed Youth
  Playing God, or Being Men?
  Religious Rights and Wrongs
  White Like Me
  Glorified on TV
  From White House to Blockhouse
  Bad Eggs
  Pilgrim's Digress
  A Mediocre Showing
  A Silly Kind of Holiday
  Birth of a Nation
  Sarajevo Today, Chicago Tomorrow
  Utopias Unlimited
  The Boerne Case
  Hanging With Our Friends
  When the Blind Study Art
  Imperial Washington
  Other People
  Here Come the Judge
  Cabbages and Worms
  The Sacraments of Anti-Christ
  A Lost Art
  The Evil of Banality
  Making Fools of American Leadership
  Shame and Science
  Battles of the Books
  Indispensable Petrarch
  Electoral Triumph
  Treason Against the New Order
  It^s All Too Beautiful
  An Anti-Gang Model
  Virtual Democracy
  The Language of Literature
  Man, Man, and Again Man
  Nonsense as Nationalism
  What Are Hate Crimes?
  Under the Ruble or An Idiot Abroad
  Athens and Jerusalem
  From Bryan to Buchanan
  The "Imperial Presidency"
  Talking to Strangers
  Reintroduction of Chain Gangs
  The Illusions of Democracy
  Under Western Lies
  Power for Sale
  The Winter of Scottish Discontent
  Warts and All
  John Bull Turns Johnny Reb
  Caliban in the Classroom
  April 19, 1995: A View to a Kill
  It's Stupid, the Economy
  Literature Among the Ruins
  A Simple Farmer
  What Do Women Want?
  Civis Romanus Sum
  Brief Mentions
  Murray Rothbard, R.I.P.
  Turning Rights into Wrongs
  R.I.P. Erwin Knoll
  November Elections
  The Balkans War
  Crime and Welfare
  The Lesson of the Roaring Parrot
  Why Monkeys Get Fat in Banana Republics
  A Philanthropic Journalist
  Dishonesty of the Media Establishment
  On Liberal Education
  The Italian Revolution
  Equality or Privilege
  In Praise of Sex and Violence
  Mother Goose vs. Hell
  Southern Men, American Persons
  Turn Out the Lights
  Don't Tread on Us
  My Old Man
  Out of the Rubble, A Christian State?
  The Ruined Tenement
  Middle American Gothic
  American Policy in Somalia
  Italian Lessons
  Puppets and Their Masters
  Jesting With Pilate
  Ghosts in the Graveyard
  Mind Your Own Business
  Middle American Helots
  This Land for Hire
  Trollopes in the Stacks
  More Than a Statue
  Buying Up American Symbols
  Rag and Bone Shops of the Mind
  A League of Our Own
  The Honeymoon is Over
  Uncommon Properties
  A 'Given' of American Life
  Voting Behind the Veil of Ignorance
  Go East, Young Man
  War Fever
  Literature and the Curriculum
  Come and Gone
  I Love to Tell the Story
  New World Disorder
  New American Holiday
  Leveraged Buyout
  The Cultural Middleman
  Law and/or Order
  A Note of Reality
  Marriage—the Real Right to Privacy
  Getting More Interesting Every Day
  Unholy Dying
  Flies Trapped in Honey
  America First 1941/1991
  There and Back Again
  Ishmael Among the Scriveners
  Botched Coup
  America, From Republic to Ant Farm
  A Constant Plague
  This Year's Catchphrase
  Science Fictions
  The Broken Promise of American Life
  Sublime As Ever
  Donald Siegel, R.I.P.
  America Through the Looking Glass
  The New Fusionism
  New World Order
  Surviving in the New World Order
  Poets and the Art of Interior Design
  Divorce Italian Style
  First Fruits
  The Loser in a Lawn Chair
  Further Reflections on Violence
  Revolution and Tradition in the Humanities Curriculum
  Why Are You Happy?
  Short Views on Earth Day
  A Not So Wonderful Life
  The Art of Revolution
  Conscientious Refusal
  Be Angry at the Sun
  Science, Wisdom, and Moral Judgment
  Government of the People
  The Consolations of Philosophy
  Peace on Earth Among Men of Good Will
  Banana Republicans
  Nunc Est Bibendum
  A Prayer for My Daughters
  The Closing of the Conservative Mind
  Rock and Roll Never Forgets
  Second Thoughts
  The Legacy of 1789
  Life and Death in a House Divided
  The Real American Dilemma
  Kazin and Caligula?
  The Dangerous Myth of Human Rights
  Traveler's Tales
  Diplomats, Dupes, and Traitors
  Rights of Clergy
  Citizens of the Welfare State
  Sexual Habits
  Freedom of Opinion and Democracy
  Avoiding Democracy
  Homage To T.S. Eliot
  The Statecraft of Stooges
  A Time to Reap
  Place of Asylum
  Tyranny In a Good Cause
  West Beats East
  The Price Of Free Verse
  Cultural Conservation
  The Triumph of Time
  Arms and The Man
  Thrice-Told Tales
  Literacy Before the Revolution
  No Latin, Much Less Greek
  The Magnificent Tarkington
  The Business of Business
  Speak the Word Only
  Plain People
  The Uses of Diversity: Recovering the Recent Past
  Short Views
  Going Back to Charleston
  Journalists and Other Anthropoids
  Fruitless Grain
  Old Adam, New Eve
  Getting America Right
  Rock 'N' Roll Never Forgets: Healing the Wounds of the 60's
  Trouble in Paradise
  Conspiracies Against the Nation
  King, Queen, Knave—Mind, Brain, and Body
  Successful Crimes
  Between the Lines
  Aloha, Captain Cook
  Shelter From the Storm
  Zeus, Whoever He Is
  All Gone in Search of America
  La Vie en Rouge
  Waiting For the End
  Leave the Kids Alone
  The Serbian Muse
  Why Another Magazine of Ideas?
  Friends of the Family
  Shine, Perishing Republic
  Thunder on the Right
  ...Who Help Themselves
  Genes & Jingo
  Censorship: When to Say No
  Censorship: When to Say No
  Pragmatic Problems
  Eviscerating the Heartland