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Rose Hill College

Historians of the future who look back at us, assuming the survival of critical intelligence in the future, will characterize our times as the Age of Bureaucracy. A time in which nearly every human endeavor—religion, education, economy, national defense—was swallowed up in huge institutions which existed for their own sakes rather than for the purposes they purported to accomplish.

To espy healthy, purposeful institutions one must look in small out-of-the-way places like Rose Hill College, now in its first year of operation. In my capacity as a politically incorrect professor, I have often been asked by concerned parents for guidance as to the colleges to which they might entrust their children—places of sound education and decent moral atmosphere. I have been hardpressed to answer, usually being limited to pointing out that some places are worse than others.

The appearance of Rose Hill fills a genuine need. It joins the handful of institutions that one can recommend to such parents and promises to become the St. Thomas Aquinas College of the South. Located on a five-acre estate in the historic district of the charming small city of Aiken, South Carolina, Rose Hill is paying sincere attention to both rigorous traditional education and wholesome spiritual atmosphere.

The launching of a college in these days is, to say the least, a bold and risky act. Rose Hill is largely the creation of one man,...

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