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Jacob Neusner

The late Jacob Neusner was research professor of religion and theology and senior fellow in the Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.

  Who's Afraid of History?
  Gift of Finest . . . Rice?
  The Old Testament Foundations of Cultural Conservatism
  Post-Zionism and America
  Lehayyim—"To Life," Not Abortion
  Rabbis, But No Torah
  Since I’m Jewish, This Must Be Judaism
  The Past as Prologue
  Man in Search of God
  Exile, Real and Imagined
  Religion or Ethnicity?
  Holocaust Memorial Statue
  The Vacuity of Jewish Secularism
  The Politics of Reform
  Old Testament, Yes; New Testament, No
  Money, Money, Money
  The Yale Experience
  Jews Without Judaism
  The Future of the Jews
  Continental Judaism, R.I.P.
  A Bronx Collage
  Christmas, That Winter Festival
  Jews on Abortion
  Haters and Self-Haters
  Our Free, Christian Land
  State-Sponsored Prayer
  The Goyim Aren't Always Wrong
  The Latest Jewish Ghetto
  Prior Reflections
  Sorting Out Jew-Haters
  Ghettoizing Jews, Hijacking Judaism
  Postcommunist Judaism
  Academic Charlatanism
  Meddling in World Affairs
  Academic Snobbery
  Sixteen Hundred Years
  Trends to Come
  Who Needs the Historical Jesus?
  An Issue of Economics
  Religion as a Social System
  Who Will Make a Difference?
  The Dead Sea Scrolls Controversy
  Academic Apathy Beyond the Rhine
  Can Humanity Forget What It Knows?
  Issues at Stake
  NEA's Future
  A Pest-House
  A Series of One-Termers
  A Considerable Presence
  The NEA Is Broken
  The Pros and Cons of Immigration: A Debate
  Academic Freedom
  Can't Institutionalize Genius
  Why Are Universities Different From All Other Centers of Learning?
  Those Who Can't Do . . .
  Our Conception of the World
  The Religion of Neoconservatism
  Advice to a Postulant-Professor
  A Second Opinion