Habla Therapy?

Instruction #1: "Gather the following materials: a pair of scissors, paste or glue to use on paper, and a piece of construction paper, lightweight cardboard, or a plain piece of paper (in that order or preference) at least 8" x 10" and no larger than 16" X 20." You will also need to gather two to five magazines (preferably magazines with lots of different pictures). Flip through the pages and cut out any pictures, phrases, colors, images, symbols, or anything else that reminds you of your childhood. When you feel you have enough material, paste the clippings to your sheet of paper, so that they form a collage. [Now] write down how you think any of these pictures, phrases or colors might have relevance to your current [marital] relationship."

Instruction #2: Make a list of the top five attributes you want in a spouse, "read your list aloud three times a day for three days, then burn it. . . . Burning the list is significant, it releases and transforms the energy [to] the Universe."

The first instruction above, the psychological art project, was written by Jay Gale, Ph.D. a "licensed psychologist," in his and Sheila Church's book SO Days to a Happier Marriage. (My guess is that it would take 15 days alone just to complete Dr. Gale's "collage.") The second, the burning-list-as-smoking-prayer, comes from Kalyn Wolf Gibbens, formerly a "make-up artist,...

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