Vital Signs

Mondo Quasimodo

Last June, the 19,000 delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention voted to boycott the Walt Disney Company for its "promotion of homosexuality" and the other "anti-family" values. The convention pointed to Gay and Lesbian Days sponsored by Disney theme parks; to such twisted fare as Priest, Powder, and Kids, all films produced by Disney's Miramax; to such books as Growing Up Gay, published by Disney's Hyperion subsidiary; and to the company's granting of marital-type benefits to homosexual employees' partners.

President Clinton, a "lifelong Southern Baptist," promptly had his mouthpiece mouth the usual objection: "He doesn't agree with that particular position. That doesn't change his faith or membership in that denomination." While the two segments of this statement are typical Clinton in their mutual exclusivity, it does not follow that Clinton really is on both sides of every either/or. In his actions, at least, Clinton always favors the immoral, amoral, and abnormal. At this late stage of the game, it is no longer possible to put into words what is wrong with the Clintons and their associates. It is a wrongness so fundamental that one either grasps it profoundly, intuitively, or one cannot be brought to grasp it at all. This sense of wrongness beyond words has begun to define a physical boundary between the America of our fathers...

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