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Suicide of the Right

After spending several weeks in deep hugger-mugger at the Republican Party platform committee this summer, the leaders of the right wing of the GOP emerged triumphant. Their deeply beloved and totally useless Human Life Amendment was reaffirmed. The obnoxious statement of "tolerance" for the opinions of those who disagree with the amendment was excised. Language about immigration, fair trade, the Second Amendment, and other issues important to the right, religious and otherwise, was approved. The Washington Post, reporting on the adoption of the platform the next day, seemed ready to be taken off to a nice quiet place in the country to recuperate from its neurotic angst over the American right and its victory. "The Republican platform committee today approved a statement of party principles closer in tone and emphasis to the nationalism and domestic conservatism of Patrick J. Buchanan than the party's presumptive nominee Robert J. Dole," trembled the Post's Thomas Edsall. And, for once, the general staff of the legions of the right was in agreement. "This is very Buchanan," beamed Bay Buchanan, Mr, Buchanan's sister and campaign chairman. "We could not be more pleased. This is much more of a populist, conservative Buchananesque platform than we ever dreamed, to be honest." Other leaders of the right like Phyllis Schlafly, Gary Bauer, and Ralph Reed concurred.


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