Glad To Be of Use

"Satiate with power, of fame and wealth possessed, A nation grows too glorious to be blest; Conspicuous made, she stands the mark of all. And foes join foes to triumph in her fall."
—George Crabbe, Thelibrau

In the last year, Michael Lind has emerged as the new wunderkind of American political discussion. He was the subject of a full profile in the Washington Post's Style section last summer, and Newsweek's July 31 cover story on the "overclass" was drawn on a concept central to the book under review here. The most noticeable of his many articles in the last year or so was probably his analysis in the New York Review of Books of the writings of Pat Robertson, in which he not only argued that Robertson and his Christian Coalition were indeed anti-Semites, as the Anti-Defamation league of B'nai B'rith has claimed, but renounced his own earlier allegiance to the political right for failing to follow his lead in repudiating Robertson's supposed hidden anti-Semitic and homophobic agenda. The self-abasing apologetic that the Coalition's Ralph Reed gave before the League shortly afterward may have been precipitated by this article. Lind's analysis of Robertson was immensely useful to the Anti-Defamation League's attack on the Christian Coalition, and his article appeared just in time to prevent the ADL's...

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