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Harold O.J. Brown

Theologian Harold O.J. Brown (1933-2007) was the religion editor of Chronicles until his death this past July. This article was drawn from Chapter 13 (“Crisis and Resolution”) of his final book, The Sensate Culture, published in 1996. The Sensate Culture itself was drawn from Dr. Brown’s observations and elaborations on the work of Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin (1889-1968), particularly his 1941 book The Crisis of Our Age.

  The Conversion of a Culture: Crisis and Resolution
  Protestantism, America, and Divine Law
  Judge Roberts
  Powers, Principalities, Spiritual Forces
  No Graven Images
  Honor to Whom Honor
  Civil Unions
  Remembering the Covenant
  God, Man, and Family
  Two Trails of Blood
  New Skins, Old Wine
  Sic et Non?
  Come, Sweet Death
  Not Absolutely Evil
  A Functioning Foreign Policy
  Christianity and the Legitimacy of Government
  Tradition, Old and New
  Dare to Be a Daniela
  Shifting Ground
  Our Heads Cut Off
  The Goddess and the Bride
  Emerging Majority?
  The Coining of the Third Age
  The American (Not Christian) Century
  Pitirim Sorokin: A Prophet of Our Present
  A Quiet, Little Jihad?
  That They May Be One
  Fighting Words: Abortion and Civility
  A Good Report
  The Subject of a Conference
  Not Ours to Give
  Partial Birth Abortion
  Defining Relationships
  Sacraments of Death
  The Unbanable Book
  Share Responsibility
  The Most Odious Form of Abortion
  Enough is Enough
  Conflicting Beliefs
  Aunt Jemima
  A New, "Inclusive" Bible
  America's Christian Heritage
  Politics and Civilization
  Games and the Man
  Arguing With Jesus
  Conspiracy in the Caves
  Regression and Renewal
  Causing Divisions
  The Seventh World Council of Churches
  Receiving "Moral" Support
  Good News
  Freedom of Religion
  Changing Mottos
  Exclusive Institutions
  Nationwide Attention
  A Sacred Social Order
  Racial Integrity
  Pluralism in Miniature
  The Treason System
  The German Swindle
  A Manly Celibate