People From Nowhere

Virginia, the cradle of the American Republic, has proved to be a particularly tempting locus for the designs of the capitalist Utopians. Our own conservative Republican governor, George Allen, with the general support of the state party and Washington's Republican press organ, has led the charge of the developers' earth movers on the state's countryside, the northern counties being the target of choice, despite the area's very low levels of unemployment. Where Lee's army and Mosby's raiders and the Army of the Potomac once fought over the principles of preservation, the "conservatives" and the baying jackals of progress are sweeping down on the green Virginia pastures and the battlefields of our great national struggle, acting as the vanguard of the urban and suburban vandals they represent. They threaten our heritage, both regional and national, with strip malls and housing developments that spring up like mushrooms after a rain alongside "greenways" that pave over farms and villages and erase a whole landscape from our memory, detaching our postmodern world from the bedrock of our past and further eroding the viability of authentic communities.

For most of last year, the state's political and capitalist classes devoted themselves to ramming through the state legislature the taxpayer-subsidized development of "Disney's America," a sprawling canker whose nucleus was to...

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