Cultural Revolutions

The Balkans War

The Balkans war seemed to be coming to an end in mid-December as we went to press. Trying to sort through the lies, misinformation, and distortions for the fragments of truth in the international press requires the patience of an archeologist and the imagination of a poet, but some things seem fairly certain. For several months the United States had been stepping up its assistance to the Bosnian Muslims. According to reports in the European press, American military and CIA advisors were coordinating liaison between Muslims and Croats and training the Muslims in tactics and weaponry; they had already been giving intelligence and assistance with artillery spotting. More damning evidence surfaced recently of the United States supplying Chinese-made arms, including rocket-launchers. The headline in The European was blunt: "America has 'Joined War' in Bosnia." The State Department denies nearly all the charges, but in the 1960's the United States also denied its role in Vietnam.

Things were looking bright for the Muslims, brighter than they had looked since the 1940's, when they helped to break up Yugoslavia and worked for the Nazis. Yugoslavia had been enforcing the blockade against their Serbian cousins with some effectiveness, although rumor has it that the Muslims were receiving weapons from NATO. They are certainly getting help from their Muslim friends throughout the world.


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