Allied Crimes Against Humanity

The book cannot be closed on World War II until the American and British people know the full story of the crimes their governments committed against anticommunist Russians, Yugoslavs, and others who desperately wanted to avoid Soviet terror and who, nevertheless, were turned over to Stalin's killer squads—all in violation of American and British traditions and international law. This dark chapter in the history of the two great democracies must be acknowledged now, 50 years after the hideous events.

For five decades, the cruelties committed against White Russians and other anticommunists have been largely concealed from public view on both sides of the Atlantic. For Americans who are justly proud of the accomplishments of their men at arms, it is appalling to discover that on the orders of the highest officials of the wartime government, terrible cruelties were committed on American soil and abroad in an effort to appease Stalin and his tyrannical communist regime. Much of the horrifying story has remained hidden as a result of the confidential classification placed on the story. The same situation prevails in Great Britain.

Two writers, Julius Epstein in America and Count Nikolai Tolstoy in Britain, have done heroic work in lifting the curtain of official secrecy, though much more remains to be disclosed. Epstein, for many years a scholar at the Hoover Institution, revealed the dark stain on American honor in his pioneering book Operation...

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