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  • Principalities & Powers

    Forty Years After

    Americans have grown fond of celebrating anniversaries of one kind or another. I first noticed this new habit during the national thrombosis over the Statue of Liberty back in 1986, but more recently the habit has swollen into something like an...

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  • Correspondence

    Deo Vindice

    One day last September I was visited by a couple of guys who were writing a cover story on the South for a Dutch magazine. They had been to Darlington, Tuskegee, Oxford, Charleston, and other shrines of Southern culture, and I was pleased to see...

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    Flags as Symbols

    Men of the North and Men of the South both fought and gave blood and life for their flags as symbols of all that they stood for. It is not meet or proper that abolitionists, old or modern, or Klansmen, black or white, should attempt to belittle...

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