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Samuel Francis

  Perfect for This Moment
  Foreign Policy "Revolutionary"?
  Paleos in Context
  Toward a Hard Right
  You Say You Want a Revolution
  The Left-Hand Path
  Ditching the Cadaver
  The Enemy of the Nation
  Holding the Pass
  Queen of the Damned
  A Nonconservative "Godfather"
  The Dialectic of Suicide
  Porno War
  Ronald Reagan, R.I.P.
  A Question of Power
  An Unappetizing Prospect
  Smear Campaign
  (Con)fusion on the Right
  Enthusiastic Democracy
  The Dean Delusion
  The Cabal Strikes Back
  Passing for Democracy
  Turning Away
  The Untergang of Our Gang
  A Monopoly of Violence
  Not An Ordinary Criminal
  The GOP’s Secret Weapon
  The Real Cabal
  The Great Crackpot Crackdown
  The Old Right Failure
  Treason Prospers
  The Grinch Who Stole Kwanza
  The Empire’s New Clothes
  The Strange Death of the Yellow Dog
  Comrade King?
  World War IV
  Prophesying War
  Hate, Inc.
  Will Europe Survive?
  Burnham Agonistes
  Immigration Reform’s New “Palatable Face”
  Who Rules America?
  What Neocons Do on Their Summer Vacations
  Tribunals for Terror
  The Tyrant’s Lobby
  How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
  Enemies Within and Above
  Shoot the Losers
  Bucking the Tide of Progress
  Nobody but the People
  Dirty for Dirty
  Crime Story
  The New Meaning of "Racism"
  The Proletarian Weapon
  Antiquities of the Republic
  The Boringest Man in the World
  Rout of the Republicans
  Paleoconservatism and Race
  The Constitution, R.I.P.
  Are We Decadent?
  Middle American Mellow?
  Processions of the Damned
  One More Wallow In Fantasy?
  Capitalism the Enemy
  The Revolution Two-Step
  A New Majority?
  Every Secret Thing
  The Hispanic Strategy
  Revolt of the 300-Pound Beefy Guys
  Beyond Conservatism
  Corruption and Contempt
  John-John Is My Co-Pilot
  What a Swell Party This Is
  Appealing to Prurient Interests
  I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  The Vanishing Anglo-Saxon Minority
  Politics Without a Right
  The Un-Magnificent Obsession
  Force and Idea
  Nations Within Nations
  Inside History's Dustbin
  The Managerial Mob
  After the Cold War
  Deconstructing America
  Whose Modernity?
  Prophesying War
  Abraham the Unready
  They're Coming, They're Coming
  The Other Face of Multiculturalism
  The Truth About Republicans and Hispanics
  A Bright Spot
  An Infantile Disorder
  The New Shape of American Politics
  Nationalism, True and False
  "Roby Ridge"
  Witchfinder: The Strange Career of Morris Dees
  Caesar's Column
  Looking Backward
  Impeachable Offenses
  Revolution in the Air
  The New Godfathers
  The Price of Empire Globalism and Its Consequences
  At the Heart of Darkness
  The GOP Flop
  First Things Last
  Something Like Waco
  The Ruling Class
  Every Which Way But Up
  Suicide of the Right
  Behind Democracy's Curtain
  Republicans and Real Federalism
  The Buchanan Victory
  The Rise and Fall of a Paleoconservative at the Washington Times (Part II)
  The Rise and Fall of a Paleoconservative at the Washington Times (Part I)
  From Household to Nation
  Enemies of the State
  Glad To Be of Use
  Victims of Blunt Force Trauma
  Where the Buck Really Stops
  Natural Born Kulchur
  Roads to Revolution
  A Boundless Field of Power
  Poker on the Titanic
  Voices in the Air
  Gnostic Newt
  Up From the Ice Age
  Racial Politics
  Religious Wrong
  Myths to Kill For
  The Abortion Gambit
  Secessionist Fantasies
  Anarcho-Tyranny, U.S.A.
  The New Meaning of Conservatism
  Forty Years After
  Beam Us Out
  Global Retch
  A Banner With a Strange Device
  The New Populism
  Winning the Culture War
  People of a Different Stripe
  Stupid and Proud
  Crossing the Line
  A Perpetual Censor
  A Story of the Days to Come
  Flutter at Half-Mast
  Paths of Glory
  The Survival Issue
  In Search of Impulses
  The Life of Riley
  An Electorate of Sheep
  Crime Story
  The Buchanan Revolution, Part II
  The Buchanan Revolution, Part I
  Nationalism, Old and New
  New World Baseball
  The Jungle of Empire
  The Middle-Class Moment
  The Education of David Duke
  Fell Out of Ranks
  Prophet Sustained
  The Phrase 'America First'
  Knights of the Invisible Empire
  Slicing and Twisting
  A Defunct Republic
  Not Really a Republic
  Not What People Expect
  Define "Imperialism"
  Beautiful Losers
  Preparing for the Presidential Games
  Our European Cousins
  The Bit Between Their Teeth
  Centuries of Delusion
  A Bad Moon on the Rise
  Tax-Supported Amphibious Landings
  The Bogeyman Is Still Out There
  The Secret of the Twentieth Century
  A Twinkle in the Brain
  Desperate Pretense
  A New Civilization
  Ounces of Flesh
  February, Otherwise Known As "Black History Month"
  Hardly an Accident
  Rouge on a Corpse's Lips
  Winding Up
  An Endless Quest
  A Threat to Integrity
  A Major Threat to American Identity
  Zippity-Doo-Dah Rhetoric
  Nationalism Looking Pretty Good
  80th Annual Convention
  An Illusion of the Future
  As We Go Marching
  Left, Right, Up, Down
  Yuppie Cons
  A Zeitgeist of Another Color
  Our Nation, Your Money
  The Drugged War
  Tabula Rasa
  The Cult of Dr. King
  Ages in Chaos
  Who's In Charge Here?
  Past and Present
  The Bureaucrat and the Shoe Salesman
  The Evil That Men Don't Do: Joe McCarthy and the American Right
  To the Pretoria Station
  Revolution on the Right: The End of Bourgeois Conservatism?
  Twentieth Century Fox
  Accidents & Ignorance
  Americans, Operatives & Apparatchiks