Chronicles Magazine Racism

Life in the Old Right

One problem with labeling ideological movements "old" or "new" is that inevitably, with the passage of time, the "new" becomes an "old" and the markers get confusing. In the modern, post-World War II right wing, there have been a number of "news"...

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    The Other Black History

    On May 13, Florida Governor Lawton Chiles signed into law a measure requiring public schools to teach black history. The black history law requires lessons on slavery, the passage of slaves to America, abolition, and the contributions of blacks...

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  • Perspective

    Equality or Privilege

    "Everything in American politics always comes down to the race question," says one of our collaborators. School choice plans, for example, are either condemned for enabling the white middle classes to liberate their children from the hell of...

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    Talk of the Town

    Many black Americans are convinced that they are the targets of a vast array of white-authored schemes designed to spike their food with contraceptives; force them to engage in self-destructive behavior, especially drug addiction; and kill them,...

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    White Liberals, Black Racists

    On March 3, 1994, ABC-TV's Nightline devoted its half hour to the question of deteriorating relations between blacks and Jews. As background, the program showed clips of newsreels from the civil rights era, the "halcyon days" of unity between...

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