Crime and Racial Politics

A recent series of articles in the Baltimore Sun painted a gloomy (yet persuasive) picture of "the decline of the Baltimore City Police Force." But then, why should police forces be expected to maintain high standards when all institutions are falling in what's left of America? The Sun stories basically explained how affirmative action lowers hiring standards, how the "ethnic cleansing" of whites in the power structure of what has become a dominantly black city results in lackluster management (though the paper didn't put it that way), and how the criminal injustice system in Mencken's hometown is just as corrupt and helpless as it is elsewhere across the land.

These facts come as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention to the destruction of our culture, but they still amaze when laid out in the context of a newspaper investigation. The city has a new police commissioner, a cop named Tom Frazier, hired from the San Jose, California, department and quite the controversial choice because he is white. The mayor, Kurt Schmoke, who is black, calmly explained that he was looking for the best person to undertake the responsibilities of the position and that race shouldn't be a factor in the selection process. Well and good, one would think, but that wasn't the reaction of some prominent members of the "community." A delegation of ministers from black churches...

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