Truth and Public Truth

"It is as hard to tell the truth as to hide it."
—Baltasar Gracián

While the conservative movement, like the liberal one, has its share of dishonest and fraudulent people, liberalism is itself an inherently dishonest business whose promulgators have been lying to themselves, as well as to everyone else, lo these many generations. As a misrepresentation of fundamental reality, its intellectual coherence and integrity are increasingly challenged by conditions of its own making as well as by unfolding events, in spite of the enormous political momentum it has accumulated since the cultural tsunamis of the 1960's as my own horrible generation (which ought to have been slaughtered at birth) has "matured" into an army of ideological zombies that first infiltrated, and finally has taken possession of, America's cultural institutions, the publishing business, and lastly the federal government itself. Political correctness is not just a prolonged paroxysm of demoniac hatred; it is the hysteria of fanatics who, aware that they cannot maintain the pretense of reality much longer without going mad, are prepared to embrace madness in preference to the alternative, which is to tear down the imposing Ministry of Public Truth they have laboriously erected, stone by grimy stone, over the past 60 or 70 years. Their accomplishment, after all, is no mean thing: in a...

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