Commentary on the Gallic Culture War

When the right took over control of the French Assembly this spring, with an enormous majority, they left economic matters in the hands of Prime Minister Eduard Balladur and proceeded to rewrite the French code of nationality and to restrict severely naturalization and asylum, responding to the desires of the vast majority of French citizens, native born and naturalized. It is hard for an American to grasp the significance of such an action. We live in a country run by judges and bureaucrats. Our elections are shams aimed at replacing Tweedledee with Tweedledum, or, in the case of presidential elections, with Tweedledumber. Bush was elected to continue the policies of the Reagan years: he sabotaged them. Blythe alias Clinton promised to change Bush's policies; from tax-raising to saber-rattling, he has continued them. The American power elite takes its greatest pleasure in frustrating the committed will of the American people on issues from the death penalty to immigration reform. A subject of the regime that rules America can only marvel at a country where, when the voters change the ruling parties, the politicians respond to their will.

As important as the reminder that voting and self-government can function among an educated and responsible people are the reasons for the change. The nations of Europe represent distinct cultural and anthropological unities, characterized by traditions of language, law, art, and humane and physical...

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