Chicken Little Is a Christian

"Good News."
-Title of a novel by Edward Abbey about the collapse of civilization in the American Southwest

The chief victim to date in the so called Culture War is neither George Bush nor the Republican Party but "the Environment," or what Christians used to call Creation. In the more than two decades since environmentalism emerged as an international cause célèbre, opponents as well as proponents have invested so much of their energies, beliefs, and themselves in the issue that it has become second only to the abortion question in its ability to elicit visceral and even violent response. The truth is that anti-abortionism and environmentalism are philosophically and fundamentally related interests, and only pride and a mutual conviction that they are arguing from first principles alien to and incomprehensible by the other side present the two groups from understanding that they actually hold, as it were, two ends of the same stick—that the case for protecting human life in the womb is related to, though not synonymous with, the argument for preserving the natural world from man's depredation. Theoretically at least, the possibility exists for pro-life Christians, who tend to be indifferent to ecological concerns, to acknowledge the moral justification of demands by environmentalists for the respect and care men owe to nature, and also...

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