Mind Your Own Business

The murder of abortionist David Gunn in March of this year ought to sharpen the focus of the national debate on abortion, although partisans on both sides may be slow in getting the point. The New York Times, in a ponderous exercise of soft journalism, portrayed the event as a study in character contrasts. Michael Griffin, who according to police confessed to the crime, is a "loner with a bad temper." A Pentacostalist who joined an extremist abortion protest group. Griffin was having marital troubles. In other words, he is the sort of dispossessed misfit that characterizes right-wing protest movements.

Dr. Gunn, on the other hand, is described by friends and relatives as a gentle and compassionate man who loved children. A member of the Church of Christ—a sect opposed to abortion—Gunn gave up his private practice and devoted himself full-time to terminating the lives of unborn children. One proabortion activist described him as a "laid-back 60's kind of guy" who was "thrilled that Clinton had been elected." But if Mr. Griffin was having trouble holding his marriage together, Gunn had already been through two marriages and was "seeing" a practical nurse who plies the same grisly trade. The family that slays together . . .

This is a study in contrasts but not of the type the limes imagines. Griffin, if we can believe the newspapers, is a passionate man on the...

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